Laughter is the Best Medicine

This article is spot on with how my husband and I interact. We have so much fun together laughing at the most silly things that I’m not sure others would think is funny. Just the other day we were talking about who loved who most and he says I love you this much as he held up his hand and his first finger and thumb were pressed together. I rolled my eyes, he then says he loves me so much nothing can come between us. I laugh and ask how many times he has used that line before. His response is it has been years and years so he is refurbishing the line 😂😂. We died laughing for a long time. I love laughing with him ❤️.

Our dogs are always under our feet. We can’t do much without almost tripping on them. They love to be loved. The other day as my husband and I sat on the couch, we kissed and our small dog came up to us wanting attention. I licked Dustin’s face several times laughing and said that was from Lola (our dog). Again, we died laughing. We do stupid, silly, annoying things all the time and love each other for it. He’s made my life a happier place ❤️.

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